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Lekker Wine Tours - Walkers Mill Vineyard & Winery - Piney Woods Wine Festival

This past weekend the city of Lindale TX, hosted the Piney Woods wine trail member vineyards and wineries for a wine festival. You may or may not know this, but Lindale TX is the home of Miranda Lambert. Miranda’s dad, Rick Lambert has a vineyard in Lindale. The Pink Pistol in the downtown area is the tasting and shopping spot of all things Lambert.

The Pickers Pavilion Garden in downtown Lindale was the ideal location to have the 20 odd wine vendors set up booths and serve guests. Lekker Wine Tours attended. We visited with most of the Piney Woods wineries at some point during the 2-day event. And what is a wine festival if not for tasting? We tasted and chatted and chatted and tasted. We had such a Lekker time!

Now, surprisingly to many, Piney Woods wine trail association has 21 winery members. Lekker Wine Tours have already taken tours to some of these wineries. “Who even knew there were so many wineries in the Piney Woods of East Texas,” some visitors remarked. I heard one guest say, “I have lived in Hallsville for 7 years, how did I not know Walkers Mill Vineyard & Winery existed?”

Because the Piney Woods wine trail is spread over a large geographical area, from Canton to Marshall and from Texarkana to Lufkin, and because the wineries are spread out all over East Texas, some of these wineries will not have come up on your radar. Some are so well tucked away you need sat nav to get your there. That is why we call them gems! Lekker Wine Tours is here to introduce you to them. Wine lovers everywhere can join us on a full day or half day tour to discover some of these hidden gems.

Speaking of Gems, we would like to shout out to Walkers Mill Vineyard & Winery in Hallsville Texas, Britt’s Wine and Dine in Kilgore Texas and Enoch’s Stomp in Harleton Texas, for displaying and generously handing out our brochures at their festival booths. It was fantastic to be so well received by so many. The Piney Woods Wine Trail members are warm, friendly, and hospitable. We would really like to introduce you to them on one of our tours.

Piney Woods Wine Festival - Britts Wine and Dine - Lekker Wine Tours
Lekker Wine Tours - Tara Vineyard & Winery - Piney Woods Wine Festival

If you consider yourself a wine snob or wine illiterate, or anything in between, you will enjoy our tours. We get to meet with owners and find out how some of these vineyards started. Some by accident, some as an experiment, and some with trial and error and determination. We meet some winemakers too. We are also considering a tour for wannabe winemakers. Who better to learn from than other winemakers?

So, do you live in or near the Piney woods of East Texas? Are you and your friends constantly looking for something to do in The Piney woods of East Texas? Are you new to the Piney Woods of East Texas? This is the best place to meet friends who like wine too! Do you like to taste and drink wine, but do NOT like to drive? We have got you covered.

Lekker Wine Tours LLC is a locally owned family business whose sole purpose is to educate, have fun and explore the wines of East Texas, at the source, the vineyards. The word “lekker” is a South African slang word meaning superb or fantastic which is applied equally to a person, object or event. So we want you to have a lekker time, tasting some lekker wines in a lekker part of Texas!

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