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We normally pickup from a central point depending which vineyards we are going to visit. If you are interested in a private tour (8-10 people) then we can pick up from your home.
A half day is about a 4 hour tour stopping at 3 places and takes place on a Friday anytime from 4pm onwards. (We can start earlier by arrangement for groups of 8 or more).
Full day is about 7 or so hours, stopping at 5 places and takes place on a Saturday.  We normally start at about 11 or noon, as this is when wineries open.

Yes!  We are happy to custom plan a tour for you stopping at more than 5 vineyards or wineries or breweries.  We will let you know the additional charge for the additional stops once the planning of the route is finalized.   

No, we are not a booze cruise and open alcohol containers are not allowed (By texas state law). We do, however, have bottled water for you to hydrate between stops.

If you let us know during the planning conversation that you would like to have a sit down meal, we will be happy to include a winery that serves meals.  Most wineries and breweries do serve charcuterie or light meals and we can call ahead to make sure the charcuterie is ready for you upon arrival.  If you would like to visit a “non winery” restaurant, you will have to cover the meals for the tour guide/s 🙂

The price of the tour includes tastings at each stop and bottled water and mini snacks on the bus. 

Food, Glasses and bottles of wine are for your own account.  Gratuities are also not included.  The whole service industry runs on gratuity, and we leave this up to your generosity for a job well done.

Tipping is a courtesy not a rule.  If you have taken up a seat at a table and not purchased anything to add gratuity to, you are welcome to leave a cash tip. 

Tipping is never expected but oh-so appreciated.

Each Winery and Brewery has a set tasting menu or flight menu.  They have each offered us a tasting offering for our guests based on some of the following considerations:  How many wines/beers are produced on the premises and what is unique to them.  So, some wineries carry 13 wines but 6 of them may belong to another winery that they just retail in their winery.  Some wineries carry much smaller stock levels and allow us a smaller variety.  Some wineries have a philosophy that the pour should be slightly larger so that you get 3 sips to make an informed decision and others would rather give smaller pours and give you more variety.  Whatever the case, you get a good selection of tasters throughout the tour.  

Logistically, we do not normally return to the first vineyard, so the answer is No. However, if they are being dropped there and other arrangements are made for transportation home then yes.  Please discuss this with us in the planning stage. 

This can be an option.  There are some occasions where we plan to end the tour with a sit down dinner, so we will agree to collect the group from this dinner location, and make a circular tour to end back at the location where the vehicles are.  

No you are not.  The objective of a tasting though, is to find a new wine you like and purchase that.  If you have tasted all they have and tell your wine ambassador that you still have not found one you can purchase, they will be likely to work with you on more tastings till you can find one you will purchase, for either yourself or a friend.  

Currently we have 2 vehicles.  For small private tours we have a Suburban.  This is perfect for 5 or less.  We do charge a small premium per person for the privilege of privacy.  

We also have a Ford Transit.  This has 13 seats.  These are smaller seats so if your group is well acquainted then we can get 13 in the back.  

Should you have a larger group, we will be happy to rent a vehicle for the day to accommodate your needs.


You can view our full terms & condition here.

But in a nutshell, cancellations received in writing > 14 days before the tour will receive 100% refund. Cancellations received >7 days and < 14 days before the tour will receive 50% refund. Cancellations received <7 days before the tour, no refund.


Please feel free to drop us a line by phone, Facebook messenger, Instagram DM or any other way this modern world connects :). Our varied and combined backgrounds are service related so we will be happy to serve you in any way we can.

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