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As we travel to different vineyards & wineries in East Texas we have noticed a common issue that we would like to turn into an opportunity. There are many owners, managers, wine ambassordors that are not familiar with other vineyards and wineries in East Texas and Lekker Wine Tours would like to change that. Once a quarter we would like to put on a 5 stop tour just for those in the industry. We would charge a nominal fee of $25 per person just to cover our gas and costs.
However as you guys are busy when other vineyards and wineries are open we would need to do it on a weekday i.e. Mon, Tues, Wed or Thurs.Again however most vineyards and wineries are closed Mon-Thurs, so we would need to ask those that are interested to be hosts would you be prepared to open your tasting room for 60-90 mins on a given day.

If you and your staff are interested in going on a wine tour with your industry peers what day of the week would suit you (you can select multiple days)

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