Wine Tours by Lekker Wine Tours - The word "lekker" is a South African slang word meaning superb or fantastic which is applied equally to a person, object or event.
Over 30 Vineyards & Wineries
There are currently over 30 vineyards and wineries in the East Texas area and we would love to introduce them to you.
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Hello, What's Up!

Lekker is a very weird word… It’s not a very pretentious word, it is inclusive and totally versatile. In fact, if I was to think of anywhere in the world that the word could flourish would be Texas.

Laid back, hard working and able to find the joy in the ordinary moments. Pronounced with the E sound so short that it almost sounds like an A, then drop the R. Lakka. Lekker is an Afrikaans slang word that means many things at the same time. The Google direct translation just means “nice” but this is a great example of “the result becoming greater than the sum of it’s parts”.

Afrikaans is a South African language and a dialect of dutch originally. In essence the word Lekker is a catch all to express the enjoyments all life has to offer.

If you are sitting by the fire and everyone you love is sitting around you, that’s lekker. The sun setting over the bay would create a Lekker view. The day that you are about to have and wines that you are about to taste… Lekker. Having somebody else drive so that you can taste those wines, Blerrie Lekker!

Our most popular wine tours

Wine Tours of East Texas Vineyards offered by Lekker Wine Tours

3 Stop tours

Our 3 stop tour is a laid back lazy afternoon of 3 wine stops. This is enough to whet the appetite and get a sampling of a variety of wines. 

Full Day Tour

Our 5 stop tour is an exploration of east Texas. We meander through the back roads visiting 5 wineries.   On this tour we try to visit at least one production facility to learn about wine making. This tour ends at a winery where, if you choose to, you and your party can end your day with a dinner. 

His & Hers Tours

She likes wine, he likes beer.  Now you can have a tasting tour that you can both enjoy. This tour stops at wineries for flights where you can taste a selection of wines from dry to sweet.  Then, we  stop at micro breweries for a pint or a flight of beers.  This outing is perfect for a date night or a grab some friends and double date or triple date.  The more the merrier.  

Curated Tours

A curated tour can be a day or a weekend. This tour is custom planned with your group in mind. We can arrange accommodations and plan your wine and dine in concierge style. Apart from vineyards we can also include local micro breweries, local places of interest and anything else you would like to include.

Some of the vineyards we visit

Customer Love

Kara J
Kara J
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This was the best wine bus tour I’ve ever been on! The tour guides were knowledgeable about a variety of wines and gave great info regarding each of the vineyards we visits. They were very friendly and professional. The service was incredible! I enjoyed the fact we were not rushed and could enjoy each vineyard for a fair amount of time. I was grateful to not have to keep up with the schedule, the tour guides kept us on pace. I appreciated the tour guide calling ahead to each winery so everything went so smooth. The water and snacks waiting when we got back in the van each time was a kind and special touch. Every detail was taken care of!
Courtney S
Courtney S
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Melanie and her husband were absolutely wonderful! I went on a wine bus tour with a few girlfriends and it was a blast! They were great company, they made sure everything was prepared for us in every way at each winery and they even had waters and snacks for us in between different visits! I would highly recommend booking a tour! You will not be disappointed!
The MelTon Affair
The MelTon Affair
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We had a "Lekker" time discovering vineyards for the first time. Lekker Wine Tours definitely know the best places to go to. Each vineyard we stop at the hosts were very friendly and were only to happy to share their knowledge with us. We look forward to exploring the other regions that Lekker Wine Tours has to offer. ***** - Five star, highly recommend

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